Revolution Poker Sites (f. Cake Poker)

The Revolution Poker Network is one of the latest in a long line of poker networks to come to fruition following the emergence of Black Friday within the industry.  Unlike many poker networks, Revolution has come on the back of a re-brand, formally known as Cake Poker. Since its introduction it’s now one of the few networks that are still allowing signups and the online play of US based poker players.

Whilst in its former state of Cake Poker, the company actually had a thriving business model and were able to offer all their players a lucrative 30% rakeback across the board. The decisions to switch and re-brand their site allowed them to continue to serve US based players and also produce high quality software for its users. The skin of Lock Poker was initially used for the first re-brand, and since then has gone on to include many other high performing poker brands, of which you can view in the table below.

About The Revolution Poker Network

The network first came about in June 2012 and since then has gone on to be many US players home for online poker. Whilst there is little doubt that the players through the door have taken a hit since the exclusion for many US based players came about, the company is quickly restoring the network into one of the largest in the world. A 7 day average of players of around 700 means it’s certainly not competing with some of the bigger players in the industry, but as the Network is still in ascendancy, this number is expected to rise.

One of the biggest additions to the network was the coalition that has been formed with Lock Poker, formally a Merge Poker Network skin. This was Merge’s largest skin and its shift over to Revolution Poker has largely been the backbone for the majority of the success on the network. To attract players to the network, Revolution have run a series of high profile rake races along with a number of high guarantee multi-table tournaments.

Poker Games

One of the big draws for many players on the old Cake Network was the large number of games that were on offer. This has been largely continued on the Revolution Poker Network with games including Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 card stud and 7 card stud hi-lo. Whilst there aren’t the number of games on offer that some of the bigger networks provide, they do offer a reasonable level of mixed games at least to accompany those of the more familiar games.

Because of the largely vetted interest that US players still have in the Revolution Network, the majority of games are ran in USD. There are a few games which include both GBP and EUR but neither get very much traffic, especially in off-peak hours.

Revolution Poker Software Features

The changeover has seen many poker skins allowed to still run as independent models. This means that cash out times do vary upon a lot of the skins. But some of the larger skins are able to process these much quicker than say, some of the smaller skins.

Following on from that, these skins can run independent bonuses and rakeback (or cash back) deals as they see fit, making it a haven for bonuses hunters.