OnGame Poker Sites

The OnGame Poker Network has seen many changes throughout the years, and currently finds itself as one of the strongest online poker networks in the world. They are one of the very few networks that haven’t had to go through a re-brand since Black Friday, although originally they were known as the B2B Network.

Unfortunately for the site it’s gone into remission somewhat over the course of 2013. From a site that was currently ranked as a top 5 Poker Network, it now finds itself in a lowly 15th position on But these numbers are likely skewed somewhat due to the fact that they decided to axe US based players completely from their network pretty recently.

About The OnGame Poker Network

OnGame was originally launched in 1999 and are still one of the more popular poker networks to date. They provide their customers with a wide range of games and also a hat full of tournaments, often linking with some of the larger live tournaments. The software is available on both PC and Mac based downloads, branching out to a much wider audience as the influx of Mac’s continues to rise, even for poker players.

The exodus of US based players seem to have hit the OnGame Poker Network harder than most. In 2012 they were reporting numbers of over 10,000 real money poker players at peak times, but now they will struggle to make 1,000 cash game players. But there is still a firm base of players, even at off-peak times, even if the software is starting to feel slightly dated.

The network also includes a strong affiliation with the WSOP (World Series of Poker) and run daily qualifiers for a range of these tournaments throughout the year. You can even cash in your ticket for the monetary prize if you so wish.

Poker Games

A theme throughout the long and illustrious history of OnGame has been the diverse range of poker games that are on offer, and this hasn’t changed. You can play Texas Holdem, Omaha high, Omaha hi-lo, 5 card draw, 7 card stud and 7 card stud hi-lo. There are more than enough games on offer to suit the majority of online poker players.

Currencies at the table include both USD tables and GBP. The preference still lies with the USD tables, but with the likes of Betfair and Euro Poker on board with the network, GBP games do get a fair amount of traffic in time zones that suit European peak times.

OnGame Poker Software Features

One of the best features on the OnGame network is that their skin is fully functional on android and iPhone smartphone devices. Whilst this is room specific, they have one of the best layouts in the mobile poker industry and, dare we say it, the software is better than that of their poker client!

The latest software release allows users to fully link up their poker game with their Facebook page. This means they can let friends know how they are getting in a certain game or chat with other players at the table via the means of social media.