Microgaming Poker Sites

The Microgaming Network (formerly known as Prima Poker) has been one of the world’s largest poker networks for a number of years now. Unfortunately the hit that Black Friday had on the poker industry was felt even more so by networks such as Microgaming, who since then have had to work hard to get the network back into some sort of order.

 The days of there being a mountain of skins offering a wide range of rakeback deals (some up to 60%) are long gone. But on the plus side there are still a wide number of skins that have been forced to take the upmost care with not only which players they allow through their doors, but also the safeguarding of players funds. Some of the best Microgaming skins can be found in our list below.

About The Microgaming Poker Network

Whilst the original Microgaming Poker network was formed in 1994 under the alias of Prima Poker, since then in 2003 the company reformed in shape of Microgaming Poker Network, or MPN as it’s sometimes more commonly known. Some of the world’s biggest poker brands are found on the network such as Ladbrokes and 32Red, to name but a few.

The accumulation of big brands, great software and safe environment for poker players from around the world has made it a popular choice for many online poker players. Whilst it doesn’t pull in the vast number of players it maybe once did, you can still find a steady stream of traffic with an average of around 3,000 players within any 24 hour period. Peak times can see these numbers rise up to as many as 10,000.

As well as poker, Microgaming also offer products for a variety of other forms of online gambling - including bingo and casino games. You'll also find some of Microgamings casino offerings integrated into the software of many MG powered poker sites as side games - meaning you can play roulette, blackjack and various slots from within the poker client.

Poker Games

The Microgaming Network has a long time affiliation with providing a wide range of poker games for their players; this is no different today. You can choose from your standard Texas Holdem and Omaha games, but on top this mixed games such as 7 card stud, 5 card stud, 5 card draw, Omaha Hi-Lo and Razz that can all be played on site.

Games can be played in a number of currencies including USD, GBP and the Euro. This is an addition to the diversity that the software is available in over 20 languages ranging from Chinese to Swedish. Customer support is available around the clock and a live chat service provides informed and responsive operators.

Microgaming Poker Software Features

The addition of anonymous tables was met with a mixed reaction within the poker industry but since then they have gone on to be a huge success. With the added number of players using tracking software, the ability to play under a new persona allows players to not only hone their skills, but also try different styles without opponents knowing who they are.

Bad Beat Jackpot tables have always been popular and the Microgaming Network provides an abundance of these. To qualify for the jackpot all you need is to lose with four-of-a-kind eights or better to ship the lot.

Blaze poker is Microgaming’s adaptation of speed poker. The concept is that you enter into a pool of players and can instantly fold hands before waiting for the action to fall on you. Once you are folded you will be taken to another table before being immediately being dealt another hand. This process continues for as long as you want to play basically.