Merge Poker Sites

The Merge Poker Network is just one of a number of poker networks that have managed to evolve throughout the years. The company actually formed on the back of just a standalone, one skin, one network company in the form of For many of the old school internet players amongst you, there will likely be fond memories of, but since then the Merge Network has evolved into a much larger entity altogether.

Merge are essentially a low traffic network, but for reasons which we are unaware of to be honest. It’s a one that offers more games than most, more tables open around the clock and the software is pretty good as well. The only downside does come in the form of limited numbers through the doors, which obviously has a massive effect in where people choose to player their poker games. The network boast a number of skins, with some of the more popular being mention in the table below.

About The Merge Network

The network essentially came into fruition in 2007 after expanding from The amount skins in which are apparent on the network has fluctuated since that of Black Friday, with many either re-branding or ceasing to exist altogether. It could be argued that the network is one of many that have failed to properly recover from this hit, but they have worked tirelessly to try and get back on track with creating a potential powerhouse of a network.

We use powerhouse because in all honesty there is everything there to make this site a really shaker within the industry. But for everything that it’s got going for them – good software, stacks of features, affiliation with large poker tours such as APPT, WPT and Aussie Millions – it just can’t seem to get the numbers through the door. A 7 day average of just 620 players underlines this fact.

Poker Games

Apart from PokerStars, the Merge network easily has the biggest number of games on offer throughout its many skins. These range from Texas Holdem and Omaha variants, but also include – wait for it – HORSE, HOSE, SHOW, RASH, HAR, HA, HO, Omaha Hi-lo, stud poker, Caribbean stud, five card stud, seven card stud, seven card stud hi-lo, razz, draw poker, deuce to 7 lowball, badugi and five card draw. This is simply an astonishing amount of games on offer and for any mixed game specialist should be place where they have got to try.

Merge still run the majority of their games in USD although a few smatterings of GBP games also be found, but rarely have much traffic. There are massive of payment options, customer support is excellent and they are easy to get hold of around the clock.

Merge Poker Software Features

Quick start is a popular feature that has been available on the Merge Network for some time now. It allows you to quickly find a table in your price range and sit down before starting to play almost immediately. It eliminates the need to scroll through countless lobbies to find a game

Rabbit cam allows players to view what the final card dealt might have been. Often curiosity gets the better of poker players and it’s always interesting to see if you folded at the right spot or if your draw would have come in.