Live Casinos

The introduction of live casinos to the online casino industry has been one of few over the last decade or so that have gone on to really fit a niche within that sector.  It’s all about player interaction with live casinos and the ability to see, talk and hear not only the croupier but also that of other players really adds an element of depth to the whole process.

What Are Live Dealer Casinos?

Live dealer casinos are basically an online version of your standard brick and mortar casino. The set up usually compromises of having a web cam installed either in an actual casino or in a building that has been developed to resemble a casino. They both have the same common denominator in that they are streaming a live feed of that specific casino game. Games are played out in real time just as they would if you were physically there.

There is one fundamental difference between the live casinos and that of online casinos, and that is how the cards are dealt and shuffled. In a live casino you will see the dealer physically handle to cards, shuffle them and distribute them accordingly. Online however the cards are distributed by a Random Number Generator (RNG) which allows a completely random sequence of cards to be given to each player. The easiest way to explain an RNG is by thinking of the cards spinning round continuously in a ‘virtual’ circle and for each decision made this circle would stop and the card that the circle lands on will be that card. This circle never stops spinning and works and an unbelievably fast rate. Whereas the live casino games will have them shuffled before the start of the hand and they will remain in that –unknown- order until the deck gets shuffled again.

Live Dealer Casino Games

As live casino games are still relatively new to the industry, it’s only going to be natural for online casinos to test the software, generally with that of the more popular games, but also ones that will work the best with this format. The games below are some the main live casinos games currently in operation.

  • Live RouletteLive roulette is one of the most popular choices for most casino players. The games often include a stream of the wheel with a virtual table super-imposed to place bets. However, some casinos have made the ‘real’ casino table interactive, making it look like players are wagering on the actual table.
  • Live BlackjackBlackjack was always going to be a winning choice to covert to the live streams and its popularity has continued to soar as a result. The tables will likely be a little more interactive than most, with the only sections such as where you place your wagers being covered by an interface.
  • Live BaccaratThe baccarat tables aren’t as popular as the two above, but nonetheless provide solid interaction levels within the casino floor. The interface will be very simple, again just choosing Player, Tie or Banker tabs and how much you want to bet.
  • Live Casino Holdem The live casino Holdem tables carry a strong link from its Texas Holdem roots which many people will be able to associate with. Again another simple interface with call, ante and bonus sections, but these tables often have a large number of players on any one table, meaning that if it’s interaction with other players you are interested in, then this could be what you are looking for.

Benefits of Live Casino Gambling

The novelty factor of the live casinos is probably the biggest reason as to why many players will first try out these games. They are a totally different animal compared to the online equivalent and it allows players to interact with not only other players, but also the dealers or croupiers. The steams coming from actual casinos will include sound as well, so you get a real sense of the atmosphere when playing. Streams from the set-up casinos will also include sound, but this is generally a recording, although it still makes for an improved feel.

A massive draw, especially for the player who’s going to devote a reasonably high amount of time to the games, can get a much improved bonus deal than the online equivalent. In fact, many sites actually don’t allow games such as blackjack and roulette to work towards clearing an online bonus, whereas the live games often have specific bonuses specifically designed for these games.

These factors just amalgamate in the overall casino experience in an attempt to get players who don’t like the solitary feel an online casino can have, to allow them to feel as though they are in a brick and mortar casino, but from the comfort of their own home.

Downsides of Live Casinos

There are a few downsides when compared to playing online games with the biggest being the wait in-between hands. Live casinos happen in real time with real decks of cards, so the time it takes a dealer to shuffle then deal the cards will be longer than an RNG program. On top of this you will often have to wait for other players to complete hands; blackjack being the biggest culprit for this.

The limited number of games on offer is something that would be of concern at the minute. But like any new concept, the games that have been picked will be assessed as to how popular they become and if they thrive then there will be no doubt that more live casino games will become available in the very near future.

Finally it’s important to remember that, like any real casino, at peak times you may have to wait for a table. There is still limited availability with most sites, but as wen mentioned before, if the games continue to offer a service that punters want to take up, then the casinos will be more than happy to provide a wider selection of games to accommodate these.