Cassava Bingo Sites

As an operating subsidiary of the global gaming giant 888 Holdings plc, Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited – to give it its full title – certainly have a good deal of financial clout and gaming knowhow behind it. As well as supplying the payment processing systems for 888’s various online ventures, they also supply software and/or operate or run a number of bingo sites (as shown below).

Cassava have a somewhat complicated corporate structure (see the “About” section), but the main point to note is that the bingo sites they either run or license are of a sufficient quality to offer the kind of gameplay and slick appearance bingo players will warm to.

About Cassava

Take a deep breath: as mentioned, Cassava is owned by 888 Holdings plc, who – in 2007 – also started an end-to-end gaming solutions arm called Dragonfish; around the same time Cassava started their own bingo room, 888ladies, though in 2009 the software division of Cassava was renamed Brigend Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited. (Confused yet? Just be thankful you’re not the accountant trying to work out their tax bill!)

So while Cassava own and run some bingo sites themselves, the Dragonfish Bingo Network (among others) uses Brigend software – which Cassava owns – to power their casinos. So in other words, software that originates under the Cassava (and hence 888) umbrella powers some of the best bingo sites out there. So while Brigend is effectively the software division of Cassava, the company itself concentrates on the provision of payment processing services, licensing and compliance services, though the name Cassava is often retained on the bingo sites which use the Brigend software. Right, glad that’s clear.

Cassava Bingo Games

As one would expect with software from a company (within a company within a company!) of such global stature (that’s Brigend/Cassava/888, in case your head is spinning), there is fine variety of excellent bingo – and other – games available on the sites which utilise it. Read on for some of the examples that tickled our fancy.

  • 75 and 90 ball standard bingo - The 75 ball game is becoming more popular, but whether you go for that or the more traditional (in the UK) 90 ball game, you can be sure you’ll get great graphics and sound and an interface that is clear and welcoming.
  • 75 ball “more winners” bingo - Like the standard 75 ball game, but with at least five different prizes awarded in each game, giving you an increased chance of pocketing some cash.
  • Progressive jackpot bingo - While some of the progressive jackpots are not quite as high as some of the other networks out there, they just about hold their own.
  • Guaranteed jackpot bingo - The regularity of the guaranteed jackpots (which can be anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of pounds) is a big plus, even more so if you happen to win one of them!
  • Instant win games - If you fancy a break from the bingo, check out the scratchcards, Hi/Lo, Noughts and Crosses and an array of other instant win games.
  • Slots, Super Slots and Progressive Slots - With names as curious as Doting Doggies and Happy Mushroom, there are plenty of games available for slots fans to keep your winning streak going between the big bingo games, with some massive jackpots available on the progressives.
  • Table games - If blackjack or roulette is your thing, you can dabble on them while visiting some of the Cassava-powered bingo sites.

Cassava Features

The Cassava games require no download, so you can get going in your browser as soon as you sign up. The interfaces vary from client to client as Cassava offer a high number of customisable features, so while the backbones will be the same on the different sites the appearance could differ markedly.

With over 250 chat hosts dishing out loyalty points for conversation, even if your numbers are not coming up you still have a chance to put your bingo lingo to good use.

Some of the Cassava bingo clients (often those on the Dragonfish network) offer mobile bingo, so you can catch a game or two while travelling on the bus or waiting for a friend in the pub, or wherever, whenever you choose.